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A contributor to WordPress is someone who contributes to the open source project WordPress as found on It can be code, translations, documentation, community as event organiser or many other tasks such as listed on

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We might add our own eventual products in the future.

The default language used is British English, non-native welcome (including if your English is not perfect). Feel free to write in your own English (American, International English), this site might have multilingual features in the future and/or automated translations.

This is a worldwide community and we ask you to be open minded and remember a lot of different cultures are making our world rich for learning from each other. Peace.
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GatheringWP is a project started by Patricia BT and Michelle Bulloch, with the help of… you, the community. The site is maintained by Virtuaza. We are not affiliated or a branch of Automattic, the company behind, and also not related to the WordPress Foundation, and, even though we contribute to the open-source project.

A personal note from Patricia BT :

I have always been a gathering person, a connector. The link between people. I like to find who does what, and help people find solutions and meet each other. So I decided to bring it to you and create what I would have loved to find when I started with WordPress.

Patricia BT

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